Image for 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Junk Removal Company

While hiring junk removal companies, we assume that it will be all sorts of junk removal services. It is due to the misconception that removing junk is just what one is authorized to do. That’s something possible for any rubbish removal company. 

Where we make a mistake is that a junk removal company is expected to minutely analyze your junk first, sort it all out, and strategize a proper way to remove it with the help of new technology. Remember, this is not a type of job that any junk removal service in California can efficiently handle. 

Let’s find out the other mistakes. 

  1. Not Conducting Enough Research 

Never blindly trust any junk removal service. Don’t settle for anything less than the best junk removal company in town. Conduct thorough research online. Browse the websites and check the feedbacks and responses from the clients and then put your money on the right horse. 

  1. Disposing Junk on The Street 

It has been observed that many people without civic sense just throw their junk out on the street when their dumpster is full. Never follow in their footsteps. 

Any stray animal may rip a few of the plastic bags with sharp objects. Consequences could be disastrous if they contained medication. Playing kids are vulnerable too. 

Once the bags are ripped open, all the trash will scatter on the street. It isn’t an appreciative view and neighbours will complain. You may take your time to clean up and store the junk in your basement or garage until there’s sufficient space in the dumpster. 

  1. Putting All Disposables with the Same Trash 

Often during an electronics removal, if a device or appliance breaks down, many people simply throw it in their dumpster. Your household dumpster will accumulate all the trash you collect daily. It could be tea bags, leftovers, or run-off food, diapers, and pet waste. 

Paper and cardboard items should go with the corresponding recycling bin. A printer, made of plastic contains chips and metals and mandates a particular type of disposal. The same logic is applicable for all electronic or electrical devices. Furniture or construction debris requires their disposal as well.  

  1. Enjoying a Bonfire with Your Junk 

If you think that the junk removal could be faster if you just burnt it, then you are wrong again. You may burn wood. However, any other materials create toxic fumes if set on fire. By inhaling them, you may suffer from serious health hazards. Even the toxic fumes are dangerous for the environment too. 

Fires are always hazardous. Make a fire in a controlled ambience and sit next to it. Monitor if anything goes wrong, and you control it. Leaving it unattended may spread and lead to a disaster. 

Burning junk for disposal is illegal in most areas and fines up to tens of thousands of dollars can be imposed. A professional junk removal would be more affordable 

  1. Failure to Rent a Dumpster 

If you are planning new construction, your materials are expected to be all over the place. An expert junk removal service may clean up everything abandoned by the end of the project. You can avoid a total mess by renting a dumpster for your junk removal service before you start and there’ll be a tidy location where you can gather all your junk. It’ll save you an important cleanup session. Your work area remains clutter-free too. Rent the proper size of a dumpster. Always rent a dumpster that’s a size bigger than what you assumed earlier. Remember, the dumpster fills up quicker than expected and must be replaced accordingly. 

  1. Choosing a Distant Company 

It is a far better idea to opt for a good junk removal company that is close to your house. Else, you will need to pay extra for the fuel and their staff’s time. 

  1. Not Finalizing the Cost 

Usually, homeowners make important decisions like junk removing costs over the telephone. It becomes an opportunity for the junk removal companies to increase the cost once they find out that the junk is in more huge quantities or weighs heavier than they earlier assumed. In such a scenario, you’ll be left with the only option of paying a higher cost. 

To avoid such a situation, let professionals first come over, assess the volumes of waste production, and then compute the costs.  Then, you can decide if the junk removal company is worth it or not. 

  1. Employing a Junk Removal Company that Doesn’t Provide Insurance 

While selecting a junk removal service, remember to check whether the company provides insurance. In case, if anything goes haywire during the de-cluttering of your house, an insured company can cover you for the damages and extra costs. 

  1. Doesn’t Support Recycling 

Always opt for the rubbish disposal company that can recycle your products. This will help you make an effective contribution to the environment. 

  1. Lack of Communication 

Many junk removal companies offer several other services apart from removing clutter from your house. One of those services is cleaning stains caused because of the junk. That’s the reason, it is better to know all the services a junk disposal company can offer so that you can make a better decision. 

Certain junk removal companies do not provide yard waste removal or old mattresses removal. That’s why it is important that you properly communicate with the junk removal disposal company about the kind of junk you wish to get rid of. 


Junk removal in California isn’t at all challenging if you adhere to the basics. How are you planning to keep your surroundings clean and hygienic?