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If you’ve decided to eliminate some junk, then the possibilities are that you won’t be doing the job alone. You seek the services of a creditable and affordable junk removal company, with expertise in hauling too. The service provider whom you choose must be eligible to manage the job properly, and be knowledgeable enough about what to do with the junk rather than only disposing of it into a landfill. 

Remember that there are many scammers, who do such an awful job that you wish you had done the task yourself. Don’t repent hiring a professional junk removal and hauling service. But, how could you conclude whether you’ve chosen the right one? 

In this article, we have shared the following tips to select quality junk removal services in California.  

  1. Probe About Their Customer Service 

At the very outset, when you get in touch with any junk removal company, check if their website is functional. Probe if they have several contact points or options. Confirm that they can work as per your schedule. They must be interested to serve you. Most importantly, they must be familiar with the task. 

When all the above parameters are satisfactory, then it’s fine. The first point of contact must give you an idea about the credibility of the company. 

2. Check Whether They Can Do the Job 

Maximum websites of junk removal companies feature testimonials regarding their operations. If you are doubtful whether a certain company can handle electronic junks, you must authenticate. The simplest method to do this is by asking the relevant question. Did your team ever handle such a project of this scale before? 

Remember that everyone starts at some point in time as a beginner. They should have their rebuttals ready if you sound suspicious. 

3. You Both Should Be on the Same Page Regarding Budget 

All junk removal companies charge as per the size and scale of the task. A few organizations also charge according to the weight and space occupied by each item. While communicating, categorically highlight the budget to ensure that both parties are on the same page. 

It is quite obvious that you’ll wish to avail of the best service at the most economical price possible. Always try to get the worth of your money. 

4. Probe Whether they Have The Right Tools 

A major component of junk removal is whether the appropriate pieces of equipment are there to perform the task. Have a look at the size of the trucks. If they don’t have the right-sized trucks to eliminate a lot of junk, then search for another company. 

Enquire about other essential tools that you might require in particular to get rid of the trash. 

5. Check if the Junk Removal Service is Protected by Insurance 

You must clarify whether the service of junk removal in California is protected by insurance. God forbids! If any mishaps or accidents take place, then it is better to get a clearer picture about who will compensate for the mistake instead of finding it out later. You need not have to deal with the service after the task is accomplished. Get it confirmed if the company has insurance facilities. Else search for another one. 

6. They Must Collaborate with Recycling Companies 

Have you ever seriously pondered over the fact that after the junk leaves your house, where does it go? After reaching a landfill, it may consume a couple of centuries to decompose. It’ll be much better if the junk service has collaborations with recycling companies, which will allow them to reduce the amount of trash meant for the landfills. Check with every recyclable item if they could get a new life elsewhere rather than imposing a burden on Mother Earth. 

7. Verify the Testimonials 

Check with the company’s website whether they’ve mentioned their past performances. Confirm that they’ve got the relevant testimonials from customers and companies who have employed their services previously and are satisfied. Go through their Google reviews if they are listed. 

Most reviews are genuine and written by real customers. This is the most ideal method to avail of the information regarding the company. You may call up a few people that they’ve worked with to get an insight into their method of work. 

8. Find Out About Their Associations 

The goodwill of a business depends a lot on their collaboration with trustworthy local groups. It is much easier to put your money on a company that is associated with Yellow Pages or Better Business Bureau, instead of those companies that aren’t. 

Conduct thorough research and find out if the junk removal service you have selected is an authorized one or not. 

9. Environmental Friendliness 

The junk removal company is expected to perform all the tasks, such as loading, clean-up, and dumping of the undesired junk. The entire process should be as environmentally friendly as possible. As recycling is a productive strategy, the company you zero in on must be friendly ecologically too. 


To summarize the tips mentioned above, these can prove to be quite effective before you start exploring and selecting a junk removal service provider. Check which company satisfies you with the parameters and get the highest score. So, what are you waiting for? Start dialing up at least five companies near you, today only!